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We warmly welcome you to Quotesparadise.com’s terms of services. It is website of all famous and inspirational quotes. We offer a free service to all people without any discretion of age race or language. Our main purpose is to provide knowledge and educate you plus have a good fun. We are linked with social networks you can share our quotes, picture quotes, at social network sites very easily.


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The page of terms of services explains the terms and conditions to you or any other user who may use our services. Please read carefully all terms of Service. Contact Us if you have any question. By using our services it is assumed that you have read, understood and so agree to bound by terms of services and Privacy Policy.

It is very important to tell you that you may use our services for personal use not for commercial use. You may not copy, edit, duplicate, sell, resell, distribute all or any portion of content or imbed any picture or video. If you do it will be violation of copyright, trademark, and other laws. You will have to face sue.


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We want to make our site user friendly and want to publish according requirements of users. We obliged your ideas, suggestions and information. You may also send us quotes, poetry for publishing quotesparadise.com, we will welcome you in this strive. The personal information you may or may not want to publish, we are bound to your instructions.


Abide by law

We all want to abide by the law related to all fields of life. So underage under age is not allowed to send information about himself / herself. We should protect our children.


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All stuff at quotesparadise.com including quotes, poetry, pictures, blogs is copyrighted and reserve rights over it has sole owner quotesparadise.com. you can use only fair use of contents. Quotesparadise uses its trade mark for its identity, you are not allowed to use our logo or trade mark without our prior permission. All material on quotesparadise.com has copyright June 2015 and onward so no one can modify or copy any contents and material.


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If there is any consent between you and us about copyright and trademark. In case of breach of any provision between us, we are free to revocate the consent at any time without any prior notice.



We are not responsible for any action or reaction by using this site. There is no any gauranty or warranty regarding material or its usage. Similarly we are not responsible for third party hyperlinks. Links provided in our site, you may or may not use it, it cause you are not, we are not responsible because its terms and policy is different form us. We are not responsible for any hacking attempts, delay in work or performance due to any uncertain condition like earthquack, flood, fire, strike, labour dispute, or any other similar or dissimilar actions.


Limited liability and compensation

The owner, directors, officers, employees, supplier, contractors of company or corporation and other associated people will be not be laiable of any liability. You have any damage directly or indirectly with the quotesparadise.com, maximum $10 a calendar year will so don’t need of any sue. If you really want some compensation then you contact in reasonable way. You may that sue is not a solution for you for us. Also there are many charges such as court fees , government fee, lawyer fee ect. Which is not suitable to you any case. Further , we will face sue in the jurisdiction and according the law of Islamabad, Pakistan.


Alteration and amendments

Quotesparadise.com has right to alter or modify rules and regulations, membership terms and conditions or terms of services at any time without prior notice. We can change, edit, delete or rename to a user account at any time without any notice. So this agreement can be amended by us depends upon our discretion. Any provision of this agreement may conflict with other provision then we will decide which is correct.


Thanks to all

We hope that you are enjoying with our services. It will be improved with your suggestions. At last want to say be happy always.


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