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Imran Khan Niazi is a famous cricketer, Author, philanthropist, and politician. Basically he takes fame from cricket. He is world’s second best all-rounder after Garry Sobers in cricket. He served in international cricket almost two decades. After retirement from cricket in 1996, khan founded a political party with the name of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI). In Election 2013 his party took first prominent success in politics and won 30 seats of National Assembly which was not majority so he is on opposition benches. But he succeeded to make government In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province with some allies. He has done many welfare works also like Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust, Namal Knowledge City Mianwali, Imran Khan Foundation. He has many famous Quotes and Sayings which are given below,


“Visionary leaders do not make popular decision, they make right decision.”

“Compromise for your dream but never compromise on your dream.”

“I am not Puppet of anyone; I am not controlled by anyone; my objectives and my ideology control me. I know what to do with this country(Pakistan). ┬áInshallah I will bring change in this country and it will become a great country.”

“You only lose, when you accept defeat.”

“I believed in my self. I never imagined myself as just an ordinary player.”

“It is not defeat that destroys you, it is being demoralized by defeat that destroy you.”

“One who has done a great job; firstly controls over own fear.”

“I feel an independent accountability commission should audit all government services.”

“My country has given 35000 people dead in a war, we have nothing do well, 70 billion dollars lost the economy when your total aid has been 20 billion dollars. I was immediately told them, we will fight this war in our own way. We do not want any interference more. we don’t want your money, we don’t want your aid.”

“I am called an Islamic fundamentalist by Rushdie. My critics in Pakistan say i am Zionist agent. I must be doing something right.”

“Lack of rule of law is the main reason Pakistan could not join the ranks of progressive nations.”

“I wanted to be an outstanding player, that was my ambition.”

“We must speak the truth if we are to be a great nation.”

“Mothers train the children to only speak Truth.”

“Never give up, no matter how hard life gets no matter how much pain you feel. Pain will eventually subside, nothing remains forever, so keep going and do not give up.”

“In Pakistan politics is hereditary.”

“The country that relies on aid, death is better than that. It stops you from achieving your potential, just as colonialism did.”

“The future of Indo-Pak cricket will depend on how the peace process goes.”

“The more you study, the more you know; how less you know.”

“Don’t be slave of realism for God’s sake; if you want to do a great job then you have to bring idealism. World is changed by those people who don’t accept ground realities.”

“Bravery is standing with the truth and right.”

“Nothing is impossible unless you accept that it is impossible.”

“Your vote can bring a change.”

“Personally i do not think solving corruption is such a big problem.”

“because I am anti-war, I have been called pro-Taliban.”

“Crime should not pay, it must be punished. Unfortunately in Pakistan big crimes do get rewarded.”

“Leader leads people. Leader does not follow public opinion.”


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