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Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani is great sufi saint of Islam. He was born 29 Shaban 470 AH in village “Naif” at district of Gilan, Persia. He was Jurist, Sufi, and Muhiyudin (reviver) of Islam. There are many quotes in his many books but we are giving here some most famous Abdul Qadir jilani Quotes.


To give is better than to receive.

The sum total of all the essence of good is to seek knowledge, practice upon it and teaching it to somebody.

The person who backbites and speaks ill about us is actually our success because he pay homage us by writing his good deeds into our deed book.

Wealth is your servant and you are the servant of the Lord.

Disrespect earns the displeasure of the creator and the creation.

The person who cannot educate his own soul, then how is he going to educate others.

The love of Allah (God) and the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) is intertwined in poverty and starvation.

Always hold the best opinions about others and think ill of yourself.

Your speech will tell what is in your heart.

A wise person first question his heart thereafter speaks with his mouth.

An oppressor destroys the World of the oppressed, and his own in the hereafter.

To start something good is your job and to see it completed is the work of your creator.

That person who is never distressed, has no virtue.

Material people chase the World while the World chases the friends of Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala

This World is a World of exertion for a Mo’min while the hereafter is a World of relaxation.

First there is ignorance, thereafter knowledge, then follows practice upon your knowledge, thereafter sincerity upon that action and finally comes understanding and wisdom in the heart.

If you do not have patience then poverty and sicknesses become a misfortune and if you adopt patience then it becomes nobility and graciousness.

To remember death is the best treatment for all ailments.

The person who wishes to tame his soul should bridle it with silence and good etiquettes.

The key to the closeness to the truth is in private consultations and journeys.

A visit to the pious person communicates the condition of the person.

It is not beneficial to be a master at speech when you are immature at heart.

Be obedient with a direction; don’t become obedient to the masses.

Your actions are proof of your belief and your exterior appearance is a sign of your interior condition.

Empty desires are the jungle of stupidity and folly and only the foolish hustle and bustle aimlessly within it.

Do not turn away from the creator because of some misfortune, because he may be testing you with it.

Moderation is half of one’s sustenance (livelihood) and good manners is half of religion (Deen).

Everything that you rely on, every person you afraid of or you keep that trust in, becomes your God.

There are 3 types of creation 1. Angels 2. The Devil 3. Man. The Angels are entirely good and the devil is entirely bad. Man is a mixture of good and bad. Whoever is overcome with good he can be likened to an Angel and whoever is overcome with evil he can be likened to the devil.

Do not spend even one night in the hate and malice of anybody.

Give priority to the hereafter over the World and you will benefit in both, but priority is given to the World over the hereafter then you would suffer losses in both.

It is wrong to claim respect towards your creator as long as you have no respect whatsoever for his creation.

A Mu’min, as he grows older Faith becomes stronger.

Saying without deeds and deeds without sincerity are not worthy of acceptance.

Be happy in the changes and choices that the creator made for you. If you stay in this manner with him then he will definitely change your fears and horrors.

Adopt patience for this World is an assembly of troubles and calamities.

Look towards that person who looks towards you. Love that person that loves you, listen to that person that listens to you and give your hands in his hands that are prepared to grasp it.

Hide your troubles and you will receive closeness to Allah.

Your biggest enemies are those that are your biggest ( bad) supporters.

Always hold the best opinions about others and think ill of yourself.

Except for the needs of your children and family do not leave the house unnecessarily.

Suspicion closes all the benefits to be accrued.

You are busy in fulfilling the desires and wishes of the soul (nafs) while the nafs is busy in destroying you.

Meet the wealthy and rich with dignity ad prevalence and the poor with humility and humbleness.

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